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Studio Lefaki - Studio Lefaki, our family run rooms, located in the splendid city of Rethymno, Crete is open awaiting to host you during your holiday.

Studio Lefaki, our family run rooms, located in the splendid city of Rethymno, Crete is open awaiting to host you during your holiday.

Right in the heart of the historical old town, positioned in one of the most famous and long streets links the municipal garden of the modern city center with the castle s entrance, the traditionally called Fortezza.

Studio Lefaki provides high quality accommodation in a quiet rethymnian neighbourhood for those who are interestetd to gain insight on the daily cretan life of  the local people and keep away from the busy touristic hotels.

Staying in the “Makri Steno”, N. Foka street gives you easy access to the local market, historical sites, nearby entertainment and seaside.

Waking up in the morning, enjoying your breakfast in the spacious veranda you can then walk down a five minutes distance to the sandy beach of Rethymno.

And late in the afternoon you shall have a relaxation in our terrace gazing the view from the top while the sun is setting down.

Above all a generous care from the loving landladies is what Studio Lefaki can offer you and what you need for a guaranteed pleasant stay…!













Studio Lefaki - AccommodationAccommodation
Studio Lefaki - Beautiful gardens and terraces surround the roomsBeautiful gardens and terraces surround the rooms
Studio Lefaki - Cosy, spiritoual decorations.Cosy, spiritoual decorations.
Studio Lefaki - Relaxing afternoons or breakfast in the terrace.Relaxing afternoons or breakfast in the terrace.
Studio Lefaki - A welcome suprise on every arival.A welcome suprise on every arival.
Studio Lefaki - Spaces are full with memories.Spaces are full with memories.
Studio Lefaki - Studio Lefaki is in the heart of the old townStudio Lefaki is in the heart of the old town
Studio Lefaki - Every corner of the view explores a different era.Every corner of the view explores a different era.
Studio Lefaki - Another view of the old town from the balcony.Another view of the old town from the balcony.


Notre famille loue des chambres, situées dans la splendide ville de Rethymnon en Crète. Nous sommes prêts à vous accueillir durant votre séjour.

Recently renovated, the rooms have all comforts available.

Each room is fully equipped with its own kitchen and bathroom , television, fan and airconditioning. They are bright as the sun light breaks in through the windows and all studios look to a communal deck with jasmines and a diversity of plants and flowers all around.

You can prepare your coffee, teas and meals during the day as well as having treats from the landladies and cooking tips and recipes for Mediterranean cuisine.

Beautifully decorated every room has its own color and theme. Lefaki Studios have always been known for the good clean up but one thing will be unforgettable here and that is the company of old cretan women sitting outside their houses speaking about the daily routine, family life and holding pieces of embroidery.

It is a unique experience to sense the warmth of the local people when contact them and communicate with the language of the heart.

A full list of rich facilities include:

Standard Facilities
Fully Air conditioned Coffee machine
TV Iron / Iron board
Hair Dryer Kitchen items
Refrigerator Oven
Decorative items Mosquito net


Standard Room

Studio Lefaki - Standard RoomGallery

All rooms have the same capacity, quality and facilities. Though each room has its own character, decoration and offers a different experience to the guest.

Std Capacity Max Capacity Area Bedrooms Bathrooms
2 pax 2 pax 25 sqm 1 1







Studio Lefaki - Information

Useful information during your stay.

Please spent some time to learn about Rethymno and Crete in general before you visit.

Your stay will be much more comfortable and you will gain great experience from the island of Crete. Meet the locals and discover the Historical sites. 

Crete is a unique place for holidays not only because of its beaches, sun and tourist attractions but also because of its people, tradition and history.

Try to explore as much as you can and we promise a holiday to remember. Use "Studio Lefaki" as your base to discover the beauties and rich culture of Crete.



Studio Lefaki - Location

Useful info about the location.

Villa Hara is built in the center of the old town in the heart of the Venetian Rethymno, surrounded by culture, shops and entertainment.



Studio Lefaki - Distances

Distances from and to Studio Lefaki

Studio Lefaki is located in the municipality of Rethymno in a closed distance from the city center. Rethymno is in the middle of Crete in the northern part making it very easy to visit and meet the whole island.


Rent a bicycle

Studio Lefaki - Rent a bicycle

Explore the city with a bicycle.


Ayurvedic massage

Studio Lefaki - Ayurvedic massage

Relax and become one with the spiritual sences of the old town.

Ayurvedic massage inspired from the Keralite tradition of India, with gentle full body techniques and herbal oils, herb powders and essential oils. Treatments corresponding to the individual needs that nourish the body and senses and offer a deep relaxation. Also available energetic therapies with light and crystals for the balance of inner self. The person is supported to handle his personal issues and guided to resolve them with love.